Friday, April 17, 2009

The Evil Empire of Breeding Horses For Slaughter!

The Horse Welfare Coalition (is an alliance of veterinary, horse-industry and agricultural groups ( that are a part of The Evil Empire, they are the enemy) representing over 500,000 individual members in the United States. Who's mission is to promote the breeding and slaughter of horses and keep the breeding for slaughter markets open. Make every effort to keep this billion dollar industry operating, fight to keep the export of horses for slaughter and lobby to reopen slaughter plants in the United States.
Their words .........“We must be responsible to show a good public image of the horse through propagator, lobby and policy advocacy. Members of our Coalition represent the leading horse breeding factories and foreign horse meat corporations.”
The Horse Welfare Coalition is opposed to H.R503 and HR1018. They breed horses for Slaughter that is where they make their Money $$$.
This is a Statement from The Horse Welfare Coalition to its Membership. “'H.R. 503 Is Not Best For Any Horse. The time is now for American Quarter Horse owners to stand up and be counted. Animal rights groups and wealthy, misguided horse interests are trying to pass legislation that will be detrimental to the welfare of our horses as well as the health of the entire horse industry. We must contact our members of Congress tell them to OPPOSE HR 503.”
Stop the export of US horses and their senseless, barbaric slaughter.
As you are aware, nearly 400,000 U.S. horses were exported for slaughter last year. On the way to the slaughter houses, they are made to endure tremendous suffering and many die before reaching the slaughter house. Perhaps they are the fortunate ones because the fate that awaits those who survive is barbaric, cruel, inhumane. It reflects the worst in human nature. Most are butchered while still alive! This must stop! Please make certain that HR503 and HR1018 passes in this secession of Congress write your Representative ask them to cosponsor HR503 and HR1018
Contact your representatives ask them to cosponsor Bills HR503 and HR1018

If you belong to the Associations below you are supporting The Evil Empire of Horse Slaughter.
Call: Tell them you are not renewing your membership.

Members of The Evil Empire of Horse Slaughter:
American Association of Equine Practitioners - American Quarter Horse Association
American Veterinary Medical Association - Animal Welfare Council
California Cattlemen’s Association - Colorado Horse Council - Colorado Outfitters Association
Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society - Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society
Horsemen’s Council of Illinois -Indiana Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association
Kentucky Quarter Horse Association - Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America
Michigan Horse Council - Missouri Equine Council, Inc. - National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
National High School Rodeo Association - New Jersey Horse Council, Inc.
New York State Horse Council, Inc. - North Carolina Horse Council - Ohio Horseman’s Council
Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association - Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
Palomino Horse Breeders of America - Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
South Dakota Quarter Horse Association - Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
Utah Horse Council - Utah State Quarter Horse Association
Vermont Quarter Horse Association - Wisconsin Horse Council


Thank for caring about horses,
Haviland R. Gordineer

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